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Stop Walking in Presumption


Got Life Questions? Want God’s Answers? STOP WALKING IN PRESUMPTION! Often our frustrations come when we presume things to be different than they actually are. Although we can’t stop presuming, through this book we can learn to: Recognize when we are presuming. Release the offense. Recover from disappointment. Rejoice we hear God better.

Recognize when we are presuming.

Release the offense.

Recover from disappointment.

Rejoice we can hear God better.

If you've found yourself presuming things that proved not too be true, this book is a must-read. Susan Titus Osborn

Diane Gardner bravely shows us how to keep presumption from sabotaging our faith and thwarting our destiny. Deborah Smith Pegues

Diane reveals how to be honest with ourselves and with God to find true freedom. Joyce Sloss


Finding Healing Through the Grace of God


Diane Gardner is no stranger to tragedy. Her journey in "Overcoming the Enemy's Storms" reveals the secret strategies of the Father God who rescued by His grace. She explains what happened and exposes the enemy's calculated plans like few testimonies do. Get answers, be inspired, and overcome in your storms.

Real life stories

Practical handbook

Lessons on standing your ground

Learn how to oppose the enemy's plans

Real-life stories full of twists, turns, and conflict, enough to fill the scripts of a dozen Hollywood films. Eric Wilson


I unhesitatingly suggest this book will become a practical handbook of encouragement and breakthrough. 

Dr. Jack Hayford, Chancellor, King's University


Read this book and learn how to stand when you've done all you can. Deborah Smith Pegues


Diane has created a road map to navigate the storms the enemy brings our way. Ellie Kay


You'll be amazed at the powerful grace that has brought Diane where she is today-a woman of faith, vision, and great joy. Dr. Dale Van Steenis, Leadership Strategies International

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