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Beautiful Women

of God


Beautiful Women of God seminars bring the miraculous power of Jesus to transform women's lives through His Word and His Works. Wonderful changes take place as the Lord beautifies the inside, the outside changes as well. Noticeable changes have happened at times in just one meeting, or one seminar.

In a conference in San Diego with a worship time where the glory of God was present I had an "open-eyed" vision. The ceiling opened up and the light above my head became so bright that it almost hurt my eyes.


I heard the Father God's voice on the inside of me say, "One day my glory shall shine through you with brightness that others will see."

Women of all races and economic backgrounds filled an auditorium. I could see they were all deeply wounded. Their clothes were tattered and dirty, their faces bruised, and their hair matted.

I preached Ephesians to them about who we are in Christ. The words which came from my lips were visible. Words traveled through the air and disappeared into their hearts. Immediately their countenances brightened and they lifted their heads.

After my sermon they went to different rooms. Each room was for a different purpose with anointed professionals. Shoes, clothes, makeup, hair, all was done by professionals.

I marveled at their transformations. Each thanked me and gave an excited testimony of their broken hearts were healed. They thanked Jesus that He came to heal the brokenhearted.


Diane's Vision



Because of her impact on my life, I hungered for more and gradually became deeply involved with her ministry. I have grown greatly by serving in her ministry and the result in me and in the life of my family are peace and joy regardless of the circumstances.





My heart is filled with gratitude for her prayers, encouragement, and love. I have watched Pastor Diane stop everything to pray for someone. When she prays for you, you know that you are the most important person to her in that moment.

After 40+ years in ministry, she’s still on fire for the Lord and passionate about Jesus. She hears clearly from the Holy Spirit. She sees beyond any facade, and prophetically calls out God’s loving heart of destiny.



The Overcomer's Conference mantra is: WHATEVER COMES, I OVERCOME! This conference will enable you to apply 2 Corinthians 4:18 which says, "While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." Diane teaches you to keep your eyes on the Word and on heaven's response to your circumstances. Diane is no stranger to tragedy. Come to this conference to get answers, be inspired, and overcome in your storms.  For more info, click here.


Ministry Leadeship



Leadership training. Seminars, One -to-one coaching, Strategies for Faith Development, Retreats for Spiritual and Career Development,  The Gift of the Holy Spirit in the Workplace. Psalm 112 the Picture of a Prosperous Person. Faith for Finances, The Word of God in the Workplace, Warfare and Worship. Find out when and where on the sign-up page.





Diane has a renewed passion for individual ministry called “Loving Your Neighbor.” Gather a group of your family, friends, staff, business partners, and/or co-workers, etc. to meet in your home, office or other comfortable location.  Diane will come to that location to minister, bringing one of six messages that you will select.


Diane also hosts small group classes in her home with various classes. To request more information, fill out the form on the contact page or sign up for the mailing list on the home page.





Diane is known as the Answer Person.  In Diane's instructional class you will receive many answers to questions you've wondered about. Some topics are: Covenant Living, The Word in the Workplace, Warfare, and Worship, The Helper, The  Person and Operations of the Holly Spirit. The Gifts of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Discover Your Gifts, Spiritual Authority: the Commissioning and Positioning of a Leader,  is an   an ; tele-webinar, check the signup page.

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