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I'm known as a grace expert. I'm passionate about teaching people how to access the grace of God -- intentionally. I love speaking to women's groups and designing my message to met their needs whether in a small group setting, a conference, seminar, workshop or themed gathering.  I'm comfortable speaking to all denominations and in every setting. I've been privileged to speak in New Zealand, Peru, Canada and Mexico, and I've taught across the U.S. at events hosted by Christian Women in Media, Crenshaw Christian Center, prisons and for the Governor of California. 

Based on Your Theme

Customized to Your Event


I take your theme or key scriptures to the Lord and pray about how to make it real for your group and as a result each group is special, receives direct instructions from the Word being given and can relate to the illustrations, stories and verses used.  It's exhilarating to witness attendees walk away with their specific need met. 

Based on My Books

Increase Your Capacity to Hear God's Voice and Overcoming The Enemy's Storms


I enjoy teaching on how to put the enemy under our feet. I use my own personal testimony as well as that of others, the Bible, the teachings of Jesus and the leading of the Holy Spirit to talk about 8 steps to removing the blanket of presumption and uncovering the truth.  My eldest son is serving a life sentence in prison and one of the lessons I teach is how not to carry the guilt of a loved ones actions.  

My book,"Increase Your Capacity to Hear from God: Stop Walking in Presumption," is referenced in my presentation to answer many life questions.  I've found that presumption is the core to most offenses.  I use an illustration to show and tell how we fill our minds with unrealistic expectations which leave little room for God's truth.  

The strategy He gave me rescued me and I've seen the impact of these truths change lives at each event.

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Based on your need for a Bible Study

The Person and work of the Holy Spirit


The third person of the Trinity is often left out of our focus.  I share from Genesis to Revelations who He is, how He works, and how to cooperate with Him.  This is designed to be one session or a course study of 4-8 weeks.  Depending upon your need, we'll take a different topic each week to study how the Holy Spirit leads.

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