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Dr. Diane Gardner

Author, Speaker, Grace Expert,

Ministry/Marketplace Coach, Chaplain, Christian Women in Media Board Member

Dr. Diane Gardner

Masters of Theological Studies and Doctor of Divinity Degrees

Author, television host of The Joy Seat , Speaker, Founder/CEO God's House of Favor T.E.A.M,  and

Beautiful Women of God Seminars, Int'l

Dr. Diane is called of God to Influence the Influencers. Known as a Grace Expert, she reveals 5 steps how to access grace intentionally.

Her passion is to reveal the true nature of God as a loving and powerful Father, and to expose the calculated evil nature of our Enemy. 

Diane has faced countless sever trials such as; an abortion that almost killed her, a recent cancer battle, her oldest son is serving a life prison sentence, her youngest son had a serious head injury, her granddaughter faced possible death at birth, and a divorce with nationwide exposure, to name just a few trials. But

Dr. Gardner says, "When the Enemy shows me life's worst case scenario, my response is 'So What!  Whatever comes, I overcome!"' 

She is a spiritual life coach who challenges those she mentors to know the Word, the Wisdom, and the Ways of God. The miraculous power of Jesus is a  way of life for those she coaches.

The books she has authored are Overcoming the Enemy's Storms and Increase Your Capacity to Hear From God: Stop Walking in Presumption.

Diane  is a board member of two international organizations, Women United in Ministry and Christian Women in Media Association. 

She resides in Riverside, California where she has political and community influence.



Increase Your Capacity to Hear From God: Stop Walking in Presumption, is a number one best seller on Amazon.  In this book, Dr. Diane bravely shows us how to keep presumption from sabotaging our faith and thwarting our destiny. This is the key to releasing our offences. 

Make room to hear the truth of God's Word and Voice by leaning how to empty yourself of your presumptions and misconceptions of God and others. God will not empty out what He did not fill. That is our job.

She was a featured author at two Women of Faith National Conferences with thousands of women present. Her book, Overcoming the Enemy's Storms: Finding Healing Through the Grace of God  stirred their hearts as they read a few paragraphs while standing in line. Tears were in many of their eyes as they approached the book signing table. T

his book reveals her journey through tragedy how she found the secret strategies of Father God who rescued her by His grace.  She exposes the enemy’s calculated plans as she takes us on her journey of discovering what it means to be an overcomer.  You will get answers, be inspired and overcome in your storms.

Diane Gardner is also a contributing writer to: Forgive, Let Go and Live, Breaking Invisible Chains: The Way to Freedom From Domestic Abuse, and Walking in Your Destiny Abiding in Revival.

Diane lives in Riverside, California and is available for interviews and speaking engagements.



I first met Diane in the late 80's through friends who took me to her "Beautiful Women of God" seminars.

She showed us the love of God with her warm smile, beautiful style, deep insightful teaching and personal ministry.



Diane is one of the most remarkable women I know.  After 45+ years in ministry, she's still on fire for the Lord and loves people.

Diane lives what she teaches and she is an overcomer. Her ministry, coupled with her love, prayers and encouragement, helped bring me from the depths of low self-esteem to a healthy self-love.


Joyce Sloss



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